SwedMap is an application based on OpenStreetMap which help to identify the area where you can collect Berries based on the Organic-Krav regulations.

SwedMap not collect user data and you can decide which data the application have access to.

SwedMap require a password to work, if you are interested contact us at info@phseinvest.se.

Application features:


It will indicate and give instruction to follow to collect berries under Organic-Krav regulation


Choose application language, between: Swedish, English and Thai.


Use you location to easily find yourself to follow legend instruction.

Choose Base Map

You can choose your favorite base map between Openstreetmap and Openstreetmap Topografic.

Share you postition

Easy copy and share your position, to let know people where you are or in case of emergency.

Gps speed

Keep an eye on the gps speed, so you might not drive too fast....

Save Locations

Save your favorite locations, with just a long click on the map and add your comments.

Or only save where you park the car so you will not get lost.

Download Maps

Download all the areas you are interest to visit, so you can use your application in forest also without internet connection.